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The Hysteria - New stuff (short preview)

Listen to a short preview of the new material, which will be released in 2013! Other details will be very soon!
We will appreciate all your feedback and comments!

Support us! Keep in touch and stay with us!
...and may the Force be with you!

The Hysteria - Messenger - official video

We'd really like to thank RED MEAT studio and personally Alex for all the hard work they've done and a big thanks to Eugene from CIRCLE WAVES studio for mixing our tracks. A great thanks to Vitaly from BORODATOS.COM and Timothy for all their help filming the video. Also a thanks to all our friends who have supported us all the way.
Remember-the music should be sincere and should not be based on commercial gain!

With love from Minsk)))
The Hysteria.

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Friends and fellas, we decided to present you all this records for free!!! The only thing...we'd like to ask you to support us: leave your comments on our sources (facebook, youtube etc.). For you it's a couple of minutes of your life and for us it's a great support, and base for the future!! In the end we are doing all this stuff for you, and we just will be pleased to realise that you recieve our message!

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